Welcome to rotwein | jaeger !

We aim to be the most comprehensive English-language resource about German red wine in the world.

“Red wine… from Germany?!”  you may ask.  Our answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Even if your preconceptions about German wine are more “white” and “sweet” than “red” and “dry,” we invite you to join us on a journey of discovering the extraordinary world of dry German red wines.  They are in turn refined, powerful, and eminently quaffable.  And for the outstanding quality they offer, they are often half the price (or less) of their better-known counterparts from France and other parts of the world.

We’re just getting going, but we will offer tasting notes and interviews with German red wine producers (and maybe a few of our white wine producing friends), and a feature we call “Friday Night Flights” in which we’ll report on two wines tasted blind in a head-to-head matchup every Friday.  And we’re sure there will be a few more surprises along the way.

We look forward to sharing some great wines with you!

Are you a German red wine producer?  We want to tell the world about your wine (and you)!  Please contact us!

(for those that don’t speak German:  Jäger means “hunter” – so the site title is a pun on my name.  there’s another little Witz there for unix geeks as well.)