friday night flights

Each week one pair of wines will be randomly chosen from a group of 5 (or more pairs).  One wine from each pair will be from Germany and the other will be the same varietal (or blend), vintage (or close to it), at roughly the same price point, but produced somewhere else.  The goal is to be as objective and openminded as possible while comparing the wines.  Since German red wines are unfamiliar to many, the hope is that these blind comparisons will provide a fun point of reference.

Each week I’ll describe the wines and offer a few comparisons.  I won’t reveal which wine is which until a “click” at the bottom of the page, to preserve the suspense, but also to reflect that the wines really were tasted blind.

From time to time we’ll have guests drinking the wines with us as well and we’ll also sometimes discuss the food we paired the wines with.

The Latest Friday Night Flights